Stuart of Corsica Family

The Stuart of Corsica Family descends from the High Stewards of Scotland . One of its famous ancestors is Sir John Stewart of Bonkyll, hero of the first war of Scottish independence. Died on July 22nd, 1298 during the battle of Falkirk, by the side  of William Wallace.

The first Stuart of this line , Manuel Stuart, came to be established in 1766 in Corsica to serve the interests of his cousins, the last pretenders of the Royal Stuart House in exile in Italy, In accordance with secret agreements  with Pasquale de Paoli.

Manuel Stuart knew Pasquale de Paoli personnaly because he served with him in Porto Longone. He fought with the paolists in 1768, 1769 and 1774. After surviving 6 years when he was in hiding, he died in violent circumstances on November 22nd, 1780, near Petralba village, aged 45.

The survival of his only son , Giovanni Stuart, is directly related to the sacrifice of Carlu Felice Grimaldi d'Esdra who refused to hand him over to the Viceroy Elliot on 1795. Giovanni Stuart came back to Castifau on 1805, and he married Orsola Maria Parsi from Ascu. All Stuarts of Corsica and a lot of matrilineal sub-branches issued from this union.

The patrilineal  family  of  Manuel Stuart  of the  17th  century  is  still the object of research in Genetic Genealogy based on the lastest DNA research technology (Go to the S781 Group Research ). At this point we know that Manuel Stuart and his Flori cousins from Lozzi are descendants from Lieutenant Thomas Christopher Laurence Smith (1592-1638) from Lancashire (England). We have found also a link with a Wright family in Leicestershire (England).

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